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EMC component solutions to empower tomorrow’s technologies.

Enabling technology throughout the world.

From supply to signal output as well as from source design to safety certification, we furnish all solutions regarding EMC, RF, and safety certifications.

Circuit Protection

EMI Components

Modular Products Surge Pro®

A one stop shop

Innovation and service are the tenets of Wendell that have not changed since we are founded, and they are the driving force behind growth with customers. We provide the following:

  • EMC / Protective Components / Layout Consultation
  • EMC Pretest Report
  • Rapid time to market and cost management

Laboratory Facilities

Wendell Electrical Testing Lab provides a full range one-stop service of EMC that you may not find any labs could offer in the world. From line planning and design in the early stage of product development to EMC components supply and debugging in the full process, coupled with safety certification acquisition at final before go to market.

The laboratory provides EMC, RF and Safety testing and certification, including multi-country certification service. The certification scope covers five continents worldwide and helps our customers export their products to markets all over the world.

Experience and expertise

We have over 20 years of experince and have cooperated with companies such as Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG and more.

Guiding Principles

  • Excellent Service & Solution Provider
  • Excellent Supplier Of Electronic Components
  • Excellent Partnership with Customers

We invest in the future

In addition to focusing on the business growth and strength, starting from 2001, Wendell Industrial Co., Ltd. also constantly pays attention to the community and hopes to use our little power to spread the caring seed to the community.