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NCC Low Power RF Technical Specifications Updated 113 version

On February 6, 2024, the LP0002 113 version of the Low Power  Radio Frequency Equipment Technical Specification was released. Mainly for the addition of Chapter 5.13 for Wi-Fi 6E, with no changes to other content.

The application process is as follows:

Buffer regulations Before December 31, 2024 Finial acceptance date for version 109


From January 1, 2025, Finial acceptance date for version 109 Only 113 Version of the standard can be accepted
Buffer regulations Before June 30, 2024 The final submission date for adopting EN303687 From July 1, 2024 Only applications for inspection under LP0002 are acceptable
Inspection unit Regulatory Authority (NCC) NCC Recognized Certification Body (RCB)
Note The delivery method adopts a two-stage delivery method.

The Regulatory Authority will open the submission hierarchy from time to time. (Currently, the first-tier NCC only accepts RCB submissions for three projects)

Only RCBs with inspection qualifications are eligible to process inspection applications.


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